About us

Welcome to Swing with Tom and Bunny!

We are your average everyday couple.  We have been together since April 1985 and Married May 1986.  We have been in the lifestyle for approximately 18 years to date and have been working at ClubFA / Freedom Acres as well as Freedom Acres – The Resort.  We have been all over the world both Lifestyle events as well as non lifestyle events.

We get asked many questions from people all over that we thought we would start a website to not only answer their questions but to also share those questions and our answers with you , the viewer.

Now, we will say that our answers are our own personal opinions and you should never base anything off of just our opinion, you should go make your own opinions yourself through your journey in the lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you see our blogs and would like to offer any corrections or suggestions that we add, delete or change for whatever reason…

We hope everyone enjoys our website and we wish people happy swinging!

Tom and Bunny

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